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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Strong Point How Workplace Aesthetics Affect Your Business

For people who spending their time in workplace for more than 8 hours a day, what answer you choose ?
a.    “This workplace very inspiring me to give best work from me, I feel weigh on my shoulder lifted , today is the best day to work”
b.    “ This workplace suppress my feeling, I don’t feel this is the best day to work”

I do believe we choose answer “a” right ? Yes, it’s true. We want comfort in our workplace and feel “this is the best day to work” everyday. 

Two years ago, my workplace was very disorganized, or we can say “WYDWTG” (workplace-you-don’t-want-to-go ). I realized it when i feel harder to work. 3 question I’ve been think when my workplace disorganized :

a.    Why does work it’s so hard recently ?
b.    Why does it’s too many step I have to do when I want finish one project ?
c.    Why does my staff have to “ back and forth” and feel not comfort ?

Then I realized, my workplace not like before. I move every tools  far from where we work, because renovation and not move it at the place before, we have 3 of 4  broken desk and chair,  all the data it’s not categorized. It’s stressful. I asked one of my staff to deal with this problem. He offer me proposal with “big fund furniture”, it’s not necessary to our workplace. I have an idea, why we just don’t use from used wood ? but this idea not work, it’s practical but not aesthetics.   So I let all my staff to redecorate our workplace.

So we do a little work to organize my workplace. I move every tools near where we want to get it, I fix all those broken desk and chair, I categorized all the data we need and put it much more “easy view”.  All the move I took is making my workplace become much more aesthetics. Voila ! you know what ? after I set it up on my workplace, all my staff doing it so too. They become organized just like I did. I learned that workplace is “reflection of our leadership.”  


When ? If one of follow feeling haunted us :

a.    Feel too many step you have to take to get the job done
b.    Feel after you enter workplace, you want to go out again
c.    Feel your staff morale is down
d.    Feel disorganized

Workplace, is place we work with other people, as our staff or partner. We trust these people our business. We can’t be serious in business if we work with them and we found their workplace is disorganized. How your business it’s gonna be ?

"Workplace reflect Business Leadership"


In my opinion, there are two kind of business when we talked about culture related. Formal, and laid-back. Imagine your workplace have something like this : cigarette vending machine, arcade game, a lot of white boards. This could be work for “laid back” business, where we don’t have meet customer directly. But out of question if we apply this to bank, school, or whatever business there may exist that have to obliged face customer directly.  Strength point is  workplace must provide business culture and reflect leadership.

"Workplace must provide business culture"

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